Why do my investments change 15 years before I retire?


We have an automatic process called a ‘glidepath’. Each of the investment profiles gradually and automatically move your money into historically less volatile investment classes as you get closer to retirement. This means your money is less likely to suffer a large fall in value just when you want to use it.

The glidepath normally begins 15 years before your selected retirement age. So, if you’ve told us that you plan to retire at 65, we’ll start switching your investments when you’re 50.

Important: The glidepath is designed to provide a more predictable return, but could also mean that your fund grows less.

Please note: The past performance of investments doesn’t guarantee or act as a guide to future performance.

Alternatively, you can self-select your own funds.  In order to do this, please log into your Online Account and click on the ‘Investment Options’ tab.


When you self-select your fund we will not automatically move the money in your fund to safer investments as you approach retirement. This is something you need to consider in order to safeguard your pension pot the closer you are to retirement.


Alternatively, you can contact us to ask us to make these changes.   Please note: the Cash Fund is no longer available under the 15-year glidepath but you can choose it under self-select.

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