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My employer’s enrolled me into The People’s Pension or I’ve an existing scheme.


I’d like to set up a scheme or I have an existing account with The People’s Pension.


I have an existing relationship with The People’s Pension or want to create one.

Payroll professional

I represent a payroll bureau or administer payroll for my company.

Search for your query in our Knowledge Base.


If you need to tell us that a member has passed away or have another query.

Payroll software provider

I’d like to integrate with The People’s Pension or have an existing connection.


I’ve a company account with The People’s Pension or would like to set one up.


I’d like to make another enquiry or can’t find a category that describes me.

If you’re unhappy with something, visit our complaints page on the B&CE (The People’s Pension provider) website – so that we can make things right.