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When you join The People’s Pension, if you don’t want to choose where your money is invested, we automatically invest it in our default investment option – the ‘balanced’ investment profile.

You can change where your money is invested and review how your pension investments are performing whenever you want, by activating and logging on to your Online Account.

Investments basics

Learn how your pension works and how and where we invest your money.

How your pension works

Over time, inflation causes the price of goods and services to go up, which can reduce what you can buy with your pension savings as things become more expensive.

Our goal when investing your pension savings is to try and keep pace with inflation (plus a little more). So, for example, if you invest £50 when you’re 25, we aim to grow your money so it can buy the same amount of things when you retire. We can’t achieve this by putting your money in a bank account as this doesn’t generate enough growth, so we invest it on your behalf.

Where we invest your money

We invest your money in the shares of companies around the world and in loans to companies and governments called bonds. These can go up and down in value over the short term, but over the long term, we believe it is the best way of beating inflation and getting your contributions to grow.

Your investment options

You have the choice to stick with our ‘balanced’ investment profile (our default investment option), select 1 of our other 2 investments profiles – ‘cautious’ or ‘adventurous’ or self-select where your money is invested by choosing from our 8 investment funds. To learn more about each option, click on the links below:

Investment profiles

Investment profiles bring together groups of investments with different levels of risk. 
There are 3 to choose from with The People’s Pension:

  • balanced
  • cautious
  • adventurous.
Self-selected investment funds

You can decide where your money is invested by choosing from our 8 investment funds.

You can choose how much money you want to invest in each fund, and each fund has a distinct level of risk.

How your investment changes as you approach retirement

Investment profiles

Our investment profiles follow a glidepath that automatically and gradually moves pension savings to lower-risk investments as retirement approaches. The glidepath normally begins 15 years before your selected retirement age.

Please note that the glidepath is only applicable to our 3 investment profiles.

Self-selected investment funds

If you wish to select your own funds, unlike our investment profiles, your money won’t automatically move into lower-risk investments as you approach retirement. You’ll have to choose where your money is invested over the lifetime of your pension.

It’s important to regularly review the funds you’ve selected (and your attitude to investment risk) as you near retirement.

How to change your investment choices or retirement age

To make any changes log in to your Online Account.

If you decide to change your investments from the default investment profile, it’s worth reviewing your options on a regular basis to check they still meet your requirements.

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Investment funds

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Responsible investment

Find out how we invest your money responsibly.

Climate change

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