Which payroll software providers will be providing pensionable earnings from April 2019?

We’ve been working with payroll software providers to make sure pensionable earnings are included when employers send us their pension data file.

Collecting pensionable earnings will help us identify and support employers we think aren’t contributing the right amounts, helping them avoid a potential fine from The Pensions Regulator.

What if your payroll software provider hasn’t made the change?

If your provider isn’t making this change, you’ll need to manually edit your data file every time you submit it to us, and include your employees’ pensionable earnings information. Your payroll software provider should be able to tell you how to do this.

The following payroll software providers have confirmed they’ll be including pensionable earnings:

  • Access
  • Accu -Man
  • Advo Payroll
  • Axis
  • Brain
  • BrightPay
  • Cascade
  • Causeway
  • Cintra
  • Cleanlink
  • Clearbooks
  • ClipIT
  • Coins
  • Compact Software
  • Connect IT
  • Cyberaid
  • Cyberqube
  • EasyBuild Construction Software
  • Eque 2
  • FMP Payrite
  • Fourth
  • Frontier
  • Integrity
  • Intuit (Quickbooks)
  • Iris
  • K3
  • KeyPay
  • Keytime
  • Liberty
  • Merit Software
  • M-Hance
  • Moneysoft
  • MyPAYE
  • Oxford Software
  • Primo
  • Qtac
  • Redsky
  • Safe
  • Sage
  • Sargent Disc
  • SnowdropKCS
  • Software for People
  • Star
  • Sum-IT Computer Systems
  • Superpay
  • The Payroll Site
  • Xero
  • Ye


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