If you’ve got more than one workplace or personal pension it’s usually possible to combine them so they’re all in one place. We don’t charge you to transfer into The People’s Pension and we do the hard work for you.

  • All you need to do is go to your Online Account and fill out some details about your old pension providers – their names, your policy numbers and the approximate values.
  • First though, it’s important that you compare the charge, features and services between the pension you want to transfer and The People’s Pension to see if it’s the best option for you. Find out about our charge.
  • And be warned, some other providers do charge you to transfer.
  • The more you save with us, the bigger the rebate you could get.
  • Our low charges mean you could save more for later life.
  • We offer strong investment options – choose from our 3 profiles or self-select.
  • Even if you move jobs, you can still contribute to this pension.
  • Climate is key for us – from the mid-2020s we’ll invest all new contributions into net zero investments

If you’re thinking of transferring out from The People’s Pension to a different pension provider, make sure you compare the charges and benefits – it’s a big decision.

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