How do I transfer my savings from The People’s Pension to another pension provider?

Thinking of leaving The People’s Pension?

If you’re thinking about moving to another pension provider, it’s a good idea to consider all your options first.

You can speak directly with our team of pension experts, who will be able to offer more information and guidance. You can contact them on:

0300 2000 555

Or you can get in touch with us using our online contact form.

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We’ve put together some useful guides explaining the benefits of keeping your pensions in one place.

Key facts you need to know
Transferring your pension

Transferring your pension savings is a big decision and could have a significant impact on your financial future.

A few things to think about before moving your pension

Investment returns

We offer a range of investment options to best suit your needs, giving you a better chance of your pension being worth more in the long run. Our returns have been strong, and our most popular fund has grown on average by 4.05% per year for the last 5 years (to August 2023). Find out more about our investment performance.

Saving for life

It’s your money and you’re in control. Even if you move jobs, you can keep paying into your pension with us.

We help you save more

We offer great value to our members. Our annual management charge rebate gives back a total of over £1m to members every month.

Putting people first

We’re trusted by over 6 million savers to grow and protect over £17bn of their money, helping them to a better retirement.

Our profit for people approach means we use profits to help people build better lives, not to reward shareholders. We put people – our customers – first, focusing time and effort on making things easier and fairer for them.  Read the key facts you need to know about your pension.

What if I have several pension pots?

If you’ve worked in several jobs, you’ve likely picked up a number of pension pots along the way. You can keep these separate while continuing to pay into your pot with The People’s Pension – even if you’ve changed jobs.

You can contribute to your pension monthly via Direct Debit or through a lump sum payment. And you’ll still benefit from tax relief (subject to current HMRC limits). You can find out more about making additional contributions on our webpage.

You can also combine all your pension pots into one. This can bring several benefits, such as helping you keep better track of your savings for later life.

We help 1,000s of people who transfer and combine their pensions with us every month. It’s quick and easy to do – you just need to fill in a quick online form and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t get stung on charges

Many companies can look appealing on paper but could end up costing you thousands of pounds in extra charges. Not all pension schemes are the same, and some providers may charge you more than others.

It’s always a good idea to compare any charges and benefits before deciding to switch pension providers. Our charges are competitive to give your savings the best chance of growing. And remember, we also offer a rebate on the management charge on pots over £3,000, rewarding you for saving more with us.

Impact on your normal minimum pension age

The normal minimum pension age is the earliest age that you can usually access your pension savings and is set by the government. This is currently set at age 55 and is rising to age 57 from 6 April 2028.

Some schemes, such as The People’s Pension, provide automatic protections that allow you to continue taking your pension money at age 55 after 6 April 2028. However, due to a change in government regulations, these protections aren’t available if you joined the scheme on or after 4 November 2021.

If you joined The People’s Pension before 4 November 2021, this protection is automatically provided to you but may be lost on transferring to a different pension provider. You should consider if the new pension provider will allow you to take your money from age 55 after 6 April 2028 (as other providers may not offer this option).

If you reach age 57 before 6 April 2028, this doesn’t affect you and you can still take your pension savings from age 55.

Find out more

Watch out for scammers

If you’ve received a pension offer that looks too good to be true, more often than not, it is. Visit our pension scams webpage for more information.

Get guidance before making the next step

Before deciding to move your pension to another provider, you should consider seeking guidance or advice. Our guidance team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can call them on 0300 2000 555 or use our online contact form.

You can also speak to the following for further guidance:

  • MoneyHelper is a free service, backed by the government, offering impartial money and pension guidance.
  • Pension Wise is a free and impartial service for the over 50s, backed by the government and provided by MoneyHelper, offering guidance about what to do with your pension savings.
  • If you already have a financial adviser, you may wish to speak to them about your retirement needs.
  • If you require professional advice, visit Unbiased for help with finding an independent financial adviser. Please note that they may charge you for this service.

If you do want to transfer to another provider

  1. Talk to us first. This can often be one of the most important financial decisions you can make, so it’s a good idea to understand what to look out for if you move your savings out of The People’s Pension. Call our guidance team on 0300 2000 555 or contact us online.
  2. Find out how much your new provider will charge you and what their investment returns are like (though note past performances should not be relied on.) Here’s our ratings on investment performance, charges and service.
  3. Find your account number – it’s alongside your pension balance in your Online Account. Get started by setting up or logging in to your Online Account.
  4. Get in touch with the pension scheme provider you want to transfer to and check if they use Origo Options. This is an electronic system which makes transferring quicker and easier for you. If they don’t use Origo Options, you’ll need to contact us to request a paper transfer-out form.
  5. The provider you’re transferring to will tell you what to do next.
  6. While your transfer is progressing, we may need you to complete ID checks with us – but we’ll let you know. Sometimes we may need to ask you some extra questions about the scheme and/or provider you want to transfer to. This is part of our commitment to The Pensions Regulator’s Scams Pledge to protect our members from falling victim to pension scams.

Please note: When you transfer your money away from The People’s Pension, you usually have to move all of your pension pot in one go. If you have a defined benefit scheme, you can transfer some of your money, (if scheme rules permit this), known as a partial transfer.


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