If you ask to leave your employer’s workplace pension – known as opting out – you may be automatically re-enrolled at a later date. Every 3 years, the government requires employers to put you back into their pension scheme, in case you’re ready to continue adding to your pension savings.

  • It also means your employer will add money to your pension savings again, and you’ll get tax relief.
  • You might also see auto-enrolment referred to as ‘cyclical re-enrolment’, or just ‘re-enrolment’.

No worries – you can. If you’d like to re-join your employer’s workplace pension, you can ask to re-join at any time. If it’s within a year of leaving though, you’ll need to get your employer to agree first.

That’s ok – you’ll be able to ask to leave just as easily as you did before.

Find out more information on our re-enrolment page.