Opting out

This is when you ask to leave your workplace pension scheme within the 1 calendar month opt-out period.

If you’ve been put into your employer’s workplace pension scheme automatically, but you’d rather not be, you can ask to leave. The idea of making it automatic is to give you the chance to have a pension – so you can’t avoid being put into the pension scheme, but it’s easy to leave afterwards.

There are benefits to being enrolled into a workplace pension scheme. So, make sure you’re certain you want to leave.

If you tell us you want to leave the scheme within 1 calendar month (known as the opt-out period), you’ll be “opting out” and receive a full refund of what you’ve contributed to your workplace pension scheme. You can find out when your opt-out period ends in your joiner information (which we send by post/email when we receive your first contribution).

You can still leave the scheme after your opt-out period. This is known as “ceasing active membership”—you won’t be entitled to a refund and the contributions you’ve made will remain invested in your pension pot.

If you do decide you want to opt out or cease active membership, you’ll need to have:

• your customer number (you can find this on your joiner letter or email)
• your date of birth
• your National Insurance number.

You can either call our automated phone service on 0333 230 1315—or you can tell us you want to leave online (you won’t need to set up your Online Account to do this).

You can’t opt out before being automatically enrolled. Your employer must have taken at least 1 contribution from your pay and submitted your contributions to us before you’re able to opt out.

In case your circumstances change over time, you can ask your employer to re-join their pension scheme. Every 3 years your employer is required to put you back into the pension scheme by law, which is called re-enrolment. If you still don’t want to have a workplace pension at that time, you’ll have the option to opt out again.

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