I would like to transfer my funds out of my account with The People’s Pension into my current pension. How is this done?


The receiving scheme will need to confirm that they are able to accept transfers in, the approval basis and the appropriate HM Revenue & Customs scheme reference.

If you wish to proceed with the transfer, there are a couple of ways we can do this:

  1. Origo options – This is an electronic platform which enables organisations across the industry to carry out pension and asset transfers faster than ever before. The receiving scheme/provider must use Origo Options.  You can contact the receiving scheme to find out.  They will then be able to initiate a transfer via this system (the request must come from the receiving party). This is the quickest and easiest option available for transfers currently.


  1. Transfer forms – we can send you a form in the post which you’ll need to sign and pass on to the receiving scheme/provider to complete their details too. Once they’ve completed the document it needs to be returned to us to proceed with your transfer request. If you’d like a form, you need to confirm your National Insurance number/7 digit customer number and full address.


We don’t charge fees for processing transfers (whether to B&CE or from B&CE).

Key information on things you need to consider before you decide to transfer can be found here.





If you’d like to find out more about this or to request a form please call us on 0300 2000 555.

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