Dorchester Collection case study

Company: Dorchester Collection
Name: Sean Wheeler, Area Director of Human Resources
Number of staff: 1,100
Staging date: January 2014

Auto-enrolment with The People’s Pension

Key lessons

“My advice to any employer gearing up for auto-enrolment would be to give yourself plenty of time” says Sean Wheeler, Area Director of Human Resources at the Dorchester Collection.

“There are some big decisions to agree upon and plenty of things will happen that you don’t expect”.

Sean and the Dorchester Collection worked with The Pensions Regulator to ensure there would be enough time for the process of auto enrolment to be effectively integrated into the business and communicated to the workforce.

Research and selection

During this period, the business was able to bring together the different parts of the business that would be most affected by auto-enrolment – payroll, personnel and finance to figure out the best way to move forward.

Mr Wheeler suggests employers plan effectively taking enough time in the run up to their staging date to implement auto-enrolment. Employers should look out for their letter from The Pensions Regulator sent 12 months before their staging date.

“You have to consider what provider to use and what you need from them. We needed flexibility, due to the nature of our staff and easily accessible communication.”

The Dorchester Collection opted for The People’s Pension as the provider that would best enable them to meet their new obligations. Their expertise in dealing with complex payrolls alongside an award winning UK based contact centre made for a straightforward, pain-free transition.

Working with The People’s Pension

“The guidelines from The Pensions Regulator were quite complex… but The People’s Pension helped us to put the key, necessary statements into simple documents to ensure they were still compliant”.

The People’s Pension produced clear, jargon-free communications, written in plain English with which to tell eligible employees about the transfer to auto-enrolment.

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