How we support you

We understand that you’re busy and you’ve got lots of clients on the go. Partnering with us can save you valuable time to do what you do best (and your clients will appreciate your help as they start to prepare for automatic enrolment).

We’re here to help

Here’s why we could be the perfect partner to help you and your clients.

Seamless data transfer from payroll software

We work closely with the payroll industry to make life easier for you and your clients.

Imagine a world where you no longer had to spend hours each pay period manually uploading files. We’ve partnered with pensionsync to remove this step from the automatic enrolment process.

How it works

Employee data flows seamlessly from payroll software to The People’s Pension at the click of a button – it’s automated. So rather than spending hours uploading files and managing data errors, you’ve got more time to focus on your core payroll activities.

What next?

You’ll need to talk to your client’s payroll software provider to find out more about their integrated solution.

Find out which payroll software providers The People’s Pension has integrated with on our payroll software solutions page »

Are you an employer? Take a look at our six steps to your workplace pension »

Your client accounts all in one place

Think of yourself as a ‘super user’ (or a super hero even).

Use The People’s Pension to support your clients and you can:

  • use one simple login for all your clients
  • view and manage multiple accounts in one place
  • manage clients’ ongoing administration
  • share access with clients or colleagues.

Six steps to your workplace pension »
Setting up a workplace pension with us is easy

A wealth of auto-enrolment experience

Suffice to say, we know auto-enrolment. The People’s Pension is a simple solution that makes coping with auto-enrolment easy – for you and your clients. We have expertise in dealing with complex payrolls, small pots and multiple employers.

And we offer full administrative support every step of the way.

You’ll find our systems easy to work with

We’ve built up close working relationships with payroll software providers to develop a simple, high-quality solution to help you support your clients through the auto-enrolment process.

You can rest assured that our systems are compatible with most payroll software too.

Simple low charges

Affordable one off set-up charge – the usual charge is £500 plus VAT, but reduced to £300 plus VAT for your clients. This, plus a 0.5% annual charge for employees makes The People’s Pension cost-effective for everyone.

(There’s no charge for existing customers adding new subsidiary companies to the scheme nor for existing customers of any of B&CE’s other products.)

Shape your auto-enrolment proposition

Work with The People’s Pension and we’ll help improve the service you’re able to offer your clients.

In return you’ll see:

  • positive impact on client satisfaction
  • strengthening existing relationships
  • possible new business opportunities for you.

We keep things simple

Our straightforward approach makes life easier – good news for you and for your clients.

We keep things simple which means you’ll have more time to focus on your clients’ needs. Our dedicated payroll team will work closely with you to ensure you have all the support you need to do this.


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