Staging date

This is the date when an employer has to be ready to launch an automatic enrolment pension scheme – like The People’s Pension – to provide their employees with a workplace pension.

A lot of companies have already ‘staged’, and many of their employees are already getting a workplace pension. If you’re not there yet though, you should be soon – as by 2018 every employer in the UK will have to meet the government’s workplace pension regulations.

Probably not on the exact day, but if you’re automatically put into their pension scheme, then you should be up and running within six weeks of their staging date, and you should get your joiner information from your pension provider. If that’s us, welcome!

  • If you’re not automatically put into their pension scheme, they’ll still have to tell you about the pension, and you can ask to join if you’d like to.
  • Another thing that might happen is your employer could send you a message to let you know they’re postponing putting you into the pension scheme for up to three months. (If they do you can ask to join sooner if you’d like to.)

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