Pension Scam

Anyone can be the victim of a pension scam, no matter how financially savvy they think they are. We’re taking action to protect our members.

We’re answering The Pensions Regulator’s call for all trustees, pension providers and administrators to take the pledge to combat pension scams.

About pension scams

When it comes to pension scams, fraudsters could promise high returns and low risk but, in reality, pension savers can be left with nothing.

When savers realise they’ve been scammed, it can be devastating – many lose their life savings. Once the money is gone, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

What’s the pledge?

It’s a promise that we’ll do all we can to try and protect our members from pension scams. This includes giving them the information they need to identify and avoid a scam at key stages of their pensions journey.

See The Pensions Regulator’s website on ‘Avoiding pension scams’