Balanced investment profile

One of the 3 investment profiles you can choose for your pension savings with The People’s Pension.  These are sometimes referred to as lifestyle investment profiles.

This one means we’ll take a balanced approach to how much of your money we invest in certain ways, rather than a cautious approach or an adventurous approach.

The idea is your pension savings will go up and down in value less than an adventurous approach over the short term, but hopefully, over the long term, they’ll generate more of a return than the cautious approach.

And as with all our investment profiles – you’ll get a glidepath, which helps to safeguard your pension savings as you move closer to retirement. (This means your money gradually and automatically moves into more secure investments the closer you get to retiring.) The other 2 investment profiles available are the ‘adventurous’ investment profile and the ‘cautious’ investment profile.

  • If you’d rather not get involved in the investment choices, we’ll put you in the ‘balanced’ investment profile.
  • If you’d like to take more of an interest, you can select either the ‘adventurous’ or ‘cautious’ investment profile options.
  • Or there are 8 investment funds you can choose from instead.

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