Adventurous investment profile

One of the three investment profiles you can choose for your pension savings with The People’s Pension.  These are also sometimes referred to as lifestyle investment programmes.

This one means we’ll be more adventurous with how much of your money we invest in certain ways.

There’s more potential to make gains than the alternative profiles – balanced and cautious – but the value of your pension savings might go up and down more too. So, it may be suitable if you’re prepared to accept higher risk. As the idea is to make larger gains over the years, but it’s possible there’ll be significant reductions along the way.

However, as with all our investment profiles with The People’s Pension – you’ll get a glidepath, which helps to safeguard your pension savings as you move closer to retirement.

The other two investment profiles available are the ‘balanced’ investment profile and the ‘cautious’ investment profile.

If you’re in The People’s Pension, and you’d rather not get involved in the investment choices, we’ll put you in the ‘balanced’ investment profile. If you’d like to take more of an interest, you can select either the ‘adventurous’ or ‘cautious’ investment profile options, or there are eight investment funds you can choose between instead.

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