Our investment profiles

A choice of investment profiles

Members of The People’s Pension have a choice of how we invest their pension savings.

We’ve got 3 simple profiles to pick from:

  • balanced
  • cautious
  • adventurous.

And members can change their investment profile through their Online Account.

Approaching retirement

Each of our investment profiles gradually and automatically moves pension savings into lower-risk investments as members get closer to retirement.

We call this a 15-year glidepath, because it normally begins 15 years before a member’s selected retirement age.

Are you a member of The People’s Pension?

How to change your investment profile

Are you ready to choose the investment profile you feel suits you best?

You can change your investment profile through your Online Account…

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Trying to decide which investment option will suit you best?


If you don’t make a choice, we’ll automatically invest your money in our ‘balanced’ investment profile (we also call this our default investment profile).



About the different investment profiles

If members don’t make a choice

If members don’t choose an investment profile (or they’d rather leave it to us), we’ll automatically invest their money in our ‘balanced’ investment profile.

As a member of The People’s Pension, you can always change your mind in the future and choose a different profile or, for those with more confidence in investing, choose your funds yourself. You can do all this in your Online Account.


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