Support your clients with auto-enrolment

The number of small businesses needing to comply with their auto-enrolment duties is growing fast. Payroll plays an important part in the setting up, and running, of auto-enrolment. Your clients will be looking to you for your support.

4 key steps to help your clients

Step 1:

Find out their staging dates using The Pensions Regulator’s online tool:

Staging date tool »

Step 2:

Explain their auto-enrolment duties:

Your clients and the auto-enrolment process »
We’ll help you keep your clients on track

Watch our two-minute video ‘Making auto-enrolment simple’:

Step 3:

Help them choose a trusted provider who will give them the top-quality service they need and deserve:

  • who takes on employers of all sizes
  • who will support them and you every step of the way.

An auto-enrolment partner »
Staying ahead of the game

How auto-enrolment affects you »
Helping employers understand their staging date

Getting started with auto-enrolment »
A checklist for your employer clients

Step 4:

Help with making sure the payroll systems interface smoothly with the provider’s systems – and provide other support:

  • run pre-staging seminars to help as staging approaches.


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