Support your clients with automatic enrolment

The number of small businesses needing to comply with their auto-enrolment duties is growing fast. Payroll plays an important part in the setting up, and running, of auto-enrolment. Your clients will be looking to you for your support.

4 key steps to help your clients

Step 1:

Find out the date their duties start using The Pensions Regulator’s online tool:

The Pensions Regulator’s online tool »

From 1 October 2017, when your clients employ their first member of staff, they’ll have a duties start date. This means they’ll need to start complying with automatic enrolment immediately from the day their first employee starts working for them.

If your client has missed their staging date or duties start date, don’t worry! We’re here to help.
In a few steps we can help you set up a compliant workplace pension scheme »

Step 2:

Explain their auto-enrolment duties:

Your clients and the auto-enrolment process »
We’ll help you keep your clients on track

Watch our two-minute video ‘Support with auto-enrolment’:

Step 3:

Help them choose a trusted provider who will give them the top-quality service they need and deserve:

  • who takes on employers of all sizes
  • who will support them and you every step of the way.

An auto-enrolment partner »
Staying ahead of the game

How auto-enrolment affects you »
Helping employers understand their staging date or duties start date

Getting started with auto-enrolment »
A checklist for your employer clients

Step 4:

Help with making sure the payroll systems interface smoothly with the provider’s systems – and provide other support:

  • run pre-staging seminars to help as staging approaches.


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