Our straightforward range of investment options keeps things simple for all our members, whether they want to self-select their own funds or investment profile or let us choose for them.

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Our investment options

We offer a streamlined range of investment options to keep things simple for all our members, providing them with a variety of solutions that aim to preserve or grow their pension pots based on their attitude to risk and reward.

Along with our default option – the ‘balanced’ investment profile – we also provide 2 additional investment profiles and 8 investment funds to choose from.

What we offer

We work hard to provide investment solutions that meet the needs of the majority of our members. Central to this approach is our default fund – the ‘balanced’ investment profile – where the majority of our members are currently invested. Our default automatically switches to lower-risk investments as members approach retirement, so it s ideal for those with little investment knowledge or those unlikely to seek professional financial advice.

Members who are confident making investment decisions, either by themselves, or with the help of an adviser, are free to select one of our other 2 investment profiles or a combination of our 8 funds. Learn more about our investment options by clicking on the links below to navigate to our member investment site.

Investment profiles

Investment profiles bring together groups of investments with
different levels of risk.

There are 3 to choose from with The People’s Pension

  • balanced
  • cautious
  • adventurous
Self-selected investment funds

Our range of 8 funds provide a variety of solutions based on an individual member’s attitude to risk and reward.

Members can choose how much money they invest in each fund, and each fund has distinct level of risk.

Discover more investment information on our member website

Learn more about our investment options and how our profiles change as members approach retirement by following the links below to our member website.

Investment funds

Review our latest fund information.

Investment options

Get in-depth information about all our investment options.

Investment changes approaching retirement

Learn how our investment profiles change 15 years from retirement.

Responsible investment

As responsible investors of our members money, environmental, social and governance (ESG) lies at the heart of our investment strategy.

We allocate time to evaluating ESG concerns and doing the methodical, fact-based examination that facilitates the production of superior decision-making.

As well as social and governance issues, we believe climate change poses a financially material risk to our members’ money. That’s why we’ve aligned our investment portfolio with the Paris Agreement goal of keeping warming below 1.5°C.