What’s a reduced charge code and how do I get one?

A reduced charge code is a discount code for advisers to share with their clients. It’s available for financial adviser or business adviser such as an accountant, bookkeeper, or payroll professional, payroll advisers, or construction federation.

It reduces our sign-up fee from £500 (plus VAT) to £300 (plus VAT).

If you’re an employer with an adviser, speak to them to see if they’ve a reduced charge code to share with you.

How to get a reduced charge code

If you’re an adviser, you can sign up to the adviser section of our website to find your unique reduced charge code. To sign up to our Adviser Centre, you’ll need:

  • your name (first and last – the easy bit)
  • details of the company you work for
  • your email address
  • your occupation
  • your phone number.

And you’ll need to set up a password too.

You’ll be issued a code specific to you, which you can then re-access any time you need it or share directly with your clients.

Go to the Adviser Centre

What happens if I forget to use the charge code when signing up?

If you forget to use your reduced charge code, you have 30 days from when the fee was paid (by Direct Debit or card), to request a partial refund.

Any requests received after 30 days won’t be refunded.

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