Retirement planning

How much you should be saving for your retirement  

At the end of our financial year, The People’s Pension Trustee – who is responsible for running the Scheme and for looking after all the pots of money held by the Scheme, gave our members the opportunity to ‘ask the Trustee a question’. To answer your questions and help you understand and get the most from your pension savings, we’ve created some short videos.

In these short videos on retirement planning, we talk about how much you should aim to have in your pension to retire comfortably and what you can do with your pension when you retire.

Take a look at some quick reference videos that might be of interest

Our quick reference videos can help you to understand and get the most from your pension savings

Pension basics

It’s your money and The People’s Pension look after it

Pension investment

How and why we invest your pension savings

Taking your money

How and when you can access your pension

End of year update

An update on how The People’s Pension has done in the last year

Pension contributions

How money is added to your pension

Combining pensions

Bringing other pension pots together to help you manage your savings

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