Guidance and advice for members

Making decisions about your pension can be complicated. So, you may need some help – either guidance or professional advice. Especially when it comes to taking money out of your pension – choosing what to do with your pension savings at retirement is a big decision. And it’s often possible to get more for your money by shopping around.

Your guidance and advice options…

1. Do your research

2. Get free pensions guidance

  • As well as doing your own research, it’s important to get guidance about the different options you could choose.
  • Guidance explains the basics about pensions and retirement, and sets out your options. But it won’t recommend what’s best for you.
  • Guidance is free. And it comes in different forms – a reliable website, a leaflet, or a chat with someone face-to-face or on the phone.

Where to get pensions guidance:

Pension wise
  • You’ll find information about combining your pensions on our webpage about pension transfers.
  • You can also learn more about retirement planning on our website – such as the option to take your pension pot a bit at a time if you have over £10,000 in your pension pot.
  • For online, face-to-face or telephone guidance, you can contact Pension Wise – a free and impartial government service.
  • As a member of The People’s Pension, you can use the LV= retirement income calculator to get a quick overview of your options at retirement plus a free detailed guide.

3. Consider getting pensions advice

  • Maybe you’ve done your research but you still have some unanswered questions. A financial adviser could help.
  • Advice can give you a detailed recommendation about the best option to suit your individual circumstances.
  • There’s normally a fee for financial advice like this, but how much you’re charged will depend on where you go to get advice…

Where to get pensions advice:

unbiased logo
  • Talk to your financial adviser – or if you don’t already have one, you can find a financial adviser on Unbiased or Money Advice Service. If you want advice about taking your pension savings, find an adviser who specialises in retirement planning.
  • Be aware of what type of advice you’re getting – is it ‘restricted‘ or ‘independent‘? Learn more from Pension Wise.
  • As a member of The People’s Pension you have access to LV=’s financial advice service. Please note, LV=’s telephone advice service is a paid-for service. They’ll explain the cost of this service before offering you advice.

4. Make sure you understand the tax implications

  • When deciding which option is best for you, you’ll need to think about the tax implications of each option. Find out about pension tax and, if you’re thinking about taking money out of your pension, compare your options at retirement.
  • You might want to get expert financial advice to help you understand how much tax you’ll pay.
  • You can learn more about tax and getting advice on the Pension Wise website.

Extra retirement support for our members

We’ve teamed up with LV= to provide our members with access to personalised, regulated financial advice.

However, you need to make sure this kind of information is right for you.

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