Linking 80s TV shows and pensions

The 80’s were a great time for children’s television shows. The likes of Wacaday filled our screens, Byker Grove – soon to return – first aired, and Top Of The Pops gave us our weekly dose of neon, questionable fashion and outrageous hair styles. However, this sense of nostalgia doesn’t often find its way into pensions, but looking back is a good way to plan for the future.

Many of those growing up or starting work in the 80’s will have had several jobs over the intervening years. And with that, may have come a collection of pensions dotted around the place.

And whereas you can probably remember your favourite cast members from Grange Hill, can you recall where all those old pensions of yours are sitting?

By understanding what you’ve saved in the past, where you’re up to with your savings today, you can then start to look forward to tomorrow. And in true retro TV fashion, here’s our Top Of The Pops countdown of the top 5 tips for giving your pension some attention.

Get to know your pension

Hear from the experts who look after your savings and discover tips on building a bigger pension pot.

Being retirement ready

It’s one of life’s big decisions, and needs to be thought about long before your reach retirement age. Find out how to get retirement ready.

Set a retirement goal

Do you know how much money you’ll need in retirement? Use our retirement planner – in your account – to find out. It shows you how much money you may need and could have in retirement.

Track down old pensions

Look through paperwork at home or old payslips to see who the provider was of your old pension. Can’t find their contact details? Then try the government’s Pension Tracing Service.

Get connected with your current pot

Log in to your Online Account and see how much you have saved and make sure all your contact details are up to date.

Where to get help with retirement planning

Planning your route into retirement, no matter how near or far off it seems, is best served with someone by your side. Whether that’s the friendly UK-based call centre of your pension provider – like what we have – an independent financial adviser, or the government’s free MoneyHelper service.

They’ll all help you put in plans to keep your savings on track, alert you to ways of spotting pension scams so you don’t lose your money, and provide tips on how to manage your savings while you’re still working.

So the next time you find yourself thinking about TV shows from the past, please spare a quick thought for the unloved pension you might’ve left behind, and how it may help you in the future, and always remember to Pay Your Pension Some Attention.

Manage your account

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Pension Awareness

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