Agreement to bind

The agreement to bind is part of the final stages of set-up with The People’s Pension. The employer agrees to enter into a legal and binding contract with B&CE (provider of The People’s Pension). Because this is a legally binding contract, you need to ensure you’ve the authority to do this.

An agreement to bind can only be signed by a person who is authorised to enter into contracts on behalf of the employer. This could be the employer themselves, a representative of the employer or by another third party. Please note most IFAs will not have this authority – if they do, before set-up is complete, they should provide us with a copy of the authority. This could be a power of attorney document or other formal document(s).

During the account set-up process, if you’re unsure whether you have the authority to bind, you should answer ‘No’ when asked the question ‘Do you have authority to bind the principle employer?’ You’ll be asked to enter the details of someone at the company who does have this authority. We’ll then email and ask them to accept our terms and conditions and bind the scheme.


For a list of our more commonly used terms and phrases please refer to our Glossary.

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