Facilitated adviser charging

Facilitated adviser charging allows our members to make the most of their pension savings with us. Using money from their pension, they can cover the cost for financial advice about their pension.

What members might need advice on?

  • Combining pensions from other providers
  • Paying in a one-off contribution
  • Increasing pension contributions
  • Reviewing their investment strategy
  • Planning their tax
  • Understanding their retirement options
  • Receiving advice during retirement

How it works?

Once you’ve agreed the cost for the financial advice with the member, we’ll take this amount from their pension by selling the relevant amount of units. As the adviser, you’re responsible for explaining the charges to the member and getting their signed consent on the request form.


For more information on facilitated adviser charging, how it works and frequently asked questions, download our member and adviser guides. 

You can also download the request form. This must be completed by you and the member.

Need more help?

For more information, contact your usual Relationship Manager.