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What new employers need to know and do to auto-enrol their staff and meet their employer duties

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Trusted by over *6 million+ members and over *100,000 employers, we’re one of the largest master trusts in the UK, offering simple and accessible workplace pension solutions.

We use our profits to provide trusted financial products and support that really help people. We call it “profit for people” and give back more than *£1m+ to our members each month.

We offer the complete pension package to meet the unique needs of any organisation, large or small, in any sector. Don’t just take our word for it; hear how Lyn Binns, Payroll Manager at the Banks Group, selected and implemented The People’s Pension scheme:

*All figures correct as of April 2023.

We aim to make workplace pensions simple for all new employers.

Our step-by-step guide will help you meet your employer duties and leave you to get on with what you do best – running your company.

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Set up your workplace pension quickly with our step-by-step guide

6 steps to auto-enrolment

Setting up your workplace pension with us is simple.

Here’s our step-by-step auto-enrolment guide to getting set up…

If you’re employing staff for the first time, you’ll need to start complying with the automatic enrolment duties immediately – from the first day your first member of staff starts working for you.

If your duties start date was less than 6 weeks ago, it may be possible to postpone for up to 3 months. Be quick though, as the company’s employees need to be told about the postponement within 6 weeks of your duties start date. You can also use postponement from an employee’s first day of employment or the date that they first meet the criteria to be put into a pension scheme.

Download: our template communication

Getting set up with The People’s Pension: 2 options

Simply Tailor

We provide a variety of set-up options, allowing for a tailored solution:

  • It allows you to postpone putting employees into a pension scheme
  • It allows you to vary the amounts paid for different employees
  • It’s suitable whether employees are paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or over any other period
  • It allows the addition of subsidiary companies
Simply Comply

To make it easier to sign up, we complete as much of the account set-up as possible:

  • We provide a fast-track option that takes just a few minutes to set up
  • We are set up to accept minimum payments based on employee earnings
  • It’s suitable if employees are paid weekly or monthly

Both options come with our full support:

  • Friendly UK contact teams who are just a phone call away
  • Online help and support, how-to videos, and downloadable guides
  • A training mode in our system for employers to practise data uploads once registered

All for a one-off set-up charge

It’s one payment of £500 + VAT. Or there’s a reduced charge of £300 + VAT for employers who sign up with a business adviser (a financial adviser, accountant, bookkeeper, or payroll provider).

If the adviser registers with us (for free), they can give employers a reduced charge code and they can get an adviser account to help employers sign up.

The People’s PensionSmart1Now1
The People’s Pension sign-up fee£300 or £0
2 year employer cost£0£360£150-£4322
5 year employer cost£0£900£750-£2,1602
10 year employer cost£0£1,800£1,500-£4,3202
1 Based on information from respective websites as of 08/08/2022
2 Ongoing monthly charge between £12.50 and £36 + VAT (based on number of employees and use of payroll bureau)
Ready to sign up?

Have you already taken on your first member of staff but haven’t set up your pension scheme? Ideally, employers should set up a workplace pension scheme before the start date of their auto-enrolment duties. But don’t worry, it’s not too late!

In a few simple steps, we can help you set up a compliant workplace pension scheme. It’s important to act now, as The Pensions Regulator can hand out heavy fines to employers that don’t comply with the law.

Sign up
Sign up

Get set up as quickly as possible

  • If you’re within 6 weeks of your duties start date, our Simply Tailor set-up route allows some duties to be postponed.
  • If you’re 6 weeks or more past your duties start date, the quickest and simplest way is to use our Simply Comply set-up route, or you can use Simply Tailor for a more tailored set-up.
  • The Pensions Regulator will ask for any missed pension contributions to be backdated to the missed duties start date. Need help? Just give us a call on 01293 58 66 43.

Contact The Pensions Regulator

  • You need to let The Pensions Regulator know that we’ll be providing a pension scheme for the business you’re signing up. Give them a call on 0345 600 1011 and have the company’s PAYE reference number to hand.
  • The Pensions Regulator fines businesses who don’t meet their legal duties, like missing their
    duties start date.

Setting up a workplace pension scheme if you’re self-employed

If you’re self-employed and want to pay into a pension through your business, you’ll need to set up a workplace pension scheme
with us.

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