Our straightforward range of investment options aims to keep things simple for you and your employees.

Help your staff invest in their future

Where we invest your employees’ money

We invest your employees’ money to help preserve or grow the value of their pension pots so they can enjoy the best possible outcomes in retirement. We do this by investing in different things, like global company shares or loans to companies and governments (called bonds).

Responsible investment

Our £15bn move into climate-aware investments is helping to combat climate change through protecting your employees’ savings against its worst financial risks.

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Find out more
Investment downloads

Download our latest investment reports, polices and factsheets.

Transaction costs

Find out how they work and affect the value of member pension pots.

Fund unit prices

Review the unit prices of all of our funds.

Our investment options

Our range of investment options has been carefully selected by our Trustee and investment professionals to give your employees all the solutions they’ll need to preserve or grow the value of their pensions.

All our investment funds are rated by their level of risk, making it easier for your staff to choose their own funds based on the level of risk and reward they’re willing to accept. Alternatively, if they don’t feel confident making investment decisions, we offer a strong default option, which automatically makes those decisions for them.

What we offer

We provide 3 investment profiles and 8 investment funds to choose from.

Your staff will be automatically enrolled in our default investment option – the ‘balanced’ investment profile – when they join the scheme, unless they tell us otherwise. Like our other 2 investment profiles, it automatically switches to lower-risk investments as members approach retirement. So it’s a great option if your employees don’t want to worry about making complex investment decisions for themselves.

If they feel confident making their own decisions, they can self-select from our selection of 8 funds. They can switch fund options as often as they want, and can do this by logging in to their Online Account.

For more information about our funds and investment profiles, click on the 2 links below to navigate to our member investment pages.

Investment profiles

Investment profiles bring together groups of investments with different levels of risk. 
There are 3 to choose from with The People’s Pension:

  • balanced
  • cautious
  • adventurous.
Self-selected investment funds

Your employees can choose from 1 or a combination of 8 funds, which have been expertly designed to provide differing levels of risk and reward.

Learn more by visiting our member investment webpages

Investment funds

Learn more about our 8 investment funds.

Investment options

Get in-depth information about all our investment options.

Investment changes approaching retirement

See how our investment profiles change 15 years from retirement.