Save time with payroll integration

We can help make pension processing easier by seamlessly connecting your payroll software to The People’s Pension.

Here are some popular payroll software providers and partners already integrated with The People’s Pension.

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Fast. Accurate. Secure. PensionSync connects your payroll software to your pension, creating a seamless flow of data and removing time-consuming manual processes.

Here’s our A-Z listing of every payroll provider we’re integrated with:

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1 2 Cloud Payroll Able Internet Payroll New AEclipse Logo Brightpay Payrite IRIS KeyPay MyPaye PayCaptain logo Pay Circle Payroo Primo Payroll Qtac Intuit Quickbooks Staffology Payroll logo Xerox

Can’t find your payroll provider?

If the management software you use doesn’t support payroll integration yet, they’ll usually be able to connect with us and provide a pension data file to use instead for file upload. If you’re already using file uploads but want to save time and money by switching to payroll integration, get in touch with your payroll software provider.

Get your payroll running like clockwork

Calling all payroll software developers

We’ve helped payroll software companies big and small build, promote and turn payroll integration into a strong selling-point for them. Here’s just a little of what our free API Developer Hub can offer:

  • API documentation, guides and code samples
  • Security management, a free testing environment, and accompanying diagnostic and performance analysis tools. 
  • Test data pre-built into the sandbox so you can get up and running as quickly as possible. 
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