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Many major payroll providers have already worked with us to develop a secure link between their payroll software and our systems.

The latest technology means pension data can be transferred via API at the touch of a button, straight to us without needing to manually upload a CSV file.

This is quickly becoming the norm as employers and payroll service providers are looking for quicker, more efficient ways of managing multiple clients’ pensions. From small business to large, accountants or payroll bureaus, payroll automation can offer serious time and cost savings.

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Here are some popular payroll software providers and partners already integrated with The People’s Pension:

New AEclipse LogoBrightpaycivica logoPayriteIRISKeyPayMyPayePay CirclePrimo PayrollIntuit QuickbooksQtacSageXerox

“Integrating our payroll software with The People’s Pension was simple and straightforward. The Developer Hub gave us all the information we needed and the API design was logical and comprehensive. Integration took just two weeks from start to finish, including testing. We give The People’s Pension 10 out of 10!”

Ross Webster – IT Director at BrightPay & Thesaurus Software

Calling all payroll software developers

We’ve helped some of the biggest payroll software companies build, promote and turn payroll integration into a strong selling-point for them. Here’s just a little of what our free Developer Hub can offer:

  • API documentation, guides and code samples.
  • Security management, a free testing environment, and accompanying diagnostic and performance analysis tools.
  • Test data pre-built into the sandbox so you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

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