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Want to save time? Find out how The People’s Pension works with your payroll software.

We understand it’s important that managing your employees’ pensions is quick and easy, leaving you time to focus on your business. We work with all major payroll software providers to help you manage your pension data.

Many of the payroll providers we work with also provide an integrated service – known as ‘API’. Move away from uploading data files and save time by integrating your payroll.

Not all pension providers offer this, but The People’s Pension can. Join the growing number of employers choosing to send their pension data smoothly using API and talk to your payroll software provider today.

Here are some of the popular payroll software providers already integrated with The People’s Pension:

And more are coming soon…

Can’t find your payroll software provider?

If the software company you use doesn’t support payroll integration yet, they’ll usually be able to connect with us and provide a pension data file instead for you to use. If you’re already using a data file but want to save time and money by switching to API, get in touch with your payroll software provider.

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Ask your payroll software provider to integrate with us

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