Best price guarantee

We’re currently the only major pension provider offering this one pot – best price promise model.

The People’s Pension is one of the largest independent master trusts in the UK, giving greater financial security to more than 6.5 million people, with over 100,000 employers.

Over the past decade, we’ve driven growth, with £25bn assets under management and an annual cashflow of £3.5bn, building our proposition to support the broader needs employers have for their workforce.

As a business founded for social good and without shareholders, we’re different to the majority of the market. We put customers at the heart of what we do, reinvesting our profits with the sole purpose of helping them build stronger financial foundations for life.

Our one pot for life principle, with a best price guarantee, does 3 things:

  1. Ensures members pay the best price available on all their savings.
  2. Rewards members for saving more.
  3. Reduces millions of small, inactive pots which are increasingly created by pensions auto-enrolment.

Our standard management charge is 0.5%. Our rebate is as follows:

  • up to £3,000, no rebate is given
  • over £3,000 and up to £10,000, we’ll give back 0.1%
  • over £10,000 and up to £25,000, we’ll give back 0.2%
  • over £25,000 and up to £50,000, we’ll give back 0.25%
  • over £50,000, we’ll give back 0.3%.

Find out more about our charges.

Employees tend to move jobs several times during their career, meaning multiple pension pots with different charges, even with the same provider. It can be confusing to keep track. The People’s Pension keeps things simple.

For example:

Amanda contributes £3,000 each year to her pension

When her fund reaches £3,000 she receives management charge rebates. She has a pension pot from another provider of £25,000 which she consolidates to The People’s Pension. Amanda now receives a 0.25% annual charge rebate on savings more than £25,000.

James joins your company pension with a pot of £10,000 saved in The People’s Pension from a previous employer

He is already receiving management charge rebates of 0.2% on savings over £10,000 which now includes all new contributions through your payroll.

Our recent research shows most people do not understand charges and fees when transferring their pension.

We think guidance to help people to make the right decision is crucial to maximise retirement savings. Have a listen to our CEO, Patrick Heath-Lay being interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme.

What next?

Helping your employees’ financial wellbeing and supporting how they get most from their pension has potential wider business benefits for your business. Why not use the tools below to get started?

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