Step-by-step guide to automatic re-enrolment

You’ll need to check the following information to work out who should be re-enrolled, to manage the automatic re-enrolment process and to re-declare your compliance with The Pensions Regulator.

1. Choose a re-enrolment date

On this date your payroll, HR and software processes must be ready to go.

Here are some things to consider

  • It’s just one date per employer, so if you operate more than one PAYE payroll, consider a date which best aligns to all the payrolls you operate.
  • Think about any upcoming business priorities you want re-enrolment to coincide with, or any you don’t.
  • Spare a thought for your next cyclical re-enrolment window in another three years. Whatever date you choose this time, you’ll use that as the centre of your six month window next time around.
  • Please note, unlike your original automatic enrolment sign-up, you can’t use postponement for re-enrolment.
Do you have no one to re-enrol? If so, it’s still important you complete step 4 – otherwise you may be fined by The Pensions Regulator.

2. Work out which employees need to be re-enrolled

Out of the employees who have ceased active membership in The People’s Pension, you’re looking for those eligible jobholders who are currently eligible for automatic enrolment into a workplace pension.

There are certain requirements and exceptions

Some employees don’t need to be re-enrolled

Check which employees you don’t need to include in the assessment for automatic re-enrolment.

You assess your other employees to see who’s eligible

This will show you which members of staff you have to put into an automatic enrolment pension scheme.

Although some of those employees are exempt

So it’s up to you whether you want to include them in your assessment for automatic re-enrolment.

We’ll set up an automatic re-enrolment report in your Online Services account, helping you to identify which employees you need to re-enrol.

If you’d like to let your employees know how re-enrolment will affect them, you can use our template letter:
Template letter for re-enrolment .doc


3. Re-enrol your employees

How you do this depends on how you assess employee pension contributions.

Check the assessment method that applies to you

Do we assess your employees for you?
If so, you’ll need to prepare your employee data so we know who needs to be assessed for re-enrolment.

Do you use a payroll provider to assess your employees?
If so, check whether your payroll provider will be able to manage automatic re-enrolment for you.

Do you assess your employees manually?
If so, you’ll need to check your employee data includes everyone who should be re-enrolled.

Within six weeks of your re-enrolment date, we’ll write to your workers to make sure they understand their workplace pension – including that they have one calendar month to opt out.

Please note you, or your payroll provider, will still need to continue ongoing assessment of all your employees as usual to keep their pension contributions accurate.


4. Re-declare your compliance with The Pensions Regulator

You’re legally required to re-declare your compliance on The Pensions Regulator website to show you’ve complied with your employer duties.

If you don’t complete it in time you may be fined

You have to re-declare within five calendar months of the 3-year anniversary of your staging date or duties start date (even if you have no one to re-enrol).

You’ll need to include details of yourself, the company, PAYE schemes and your workforce, as well as our details:

  • Occupational pension scheme
  • Pension scheme name – The People’s Pension Scheme
  • Pension scheme provider address – Manor Royal, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9QP
  • PSR – 12005993


5. Now you’ve successfully completed automatic re-enrolment

When you’ve submitted your re-declaration to The Pensions Regulator, they’ll send you an acknowledgement letter. This completes your re-enrolment duties until your next automatic re-enrolment window in around three years.

Our systems store some of the information from automatic re-enrolment, but you may want to note your automatic re-enrolment and declaration dates if you need in-depth records, as well as which employees you’re re-enrolling.

Please note, if you’re using another workplace pension scheme alongside The People’s Pension to meet your automatic enrolment duties, you’ll also need to go through the automatic re-enrolment process for that scheme.


Further information

For more detailed information on how we help you through automatic re-enrolment, read our guide:
Automatic re-enrolment: the 3-year cycle .pdf

You can check the full conditions of automatic re-enrolment outlined by The Pensions Regulator here:
Automatic re-enrolment .pdf

You may want to check the exceptions to enrolment too, in the original automatic enrolment guide:
Employer duties and defining the workforce .pdf

View the full range of guidance from The Pensions Regulator

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