What’s file upload and how does it work?

File upload is a way of sending us your employee data.

A file contains employee data and contribution amounts and is used to send information to The People’s Pension. It needs to be in either an excel (.xls, .xlsx) or comma separated value (.csv) format.

What file types do you accept?

Files can be uploaded as either a ‘full file’ or a ‘maintenance’ and ‘contribution’ file. The type of file needed will depend on the account settings. If you need to change your settings, perhaps because you’ve changed payroll software, then simply get in touch with our support team.

A full file contains both employee data and contribution amounts.

What’s the difference between a maintenance and contribution file?

A maintenance file contains only employee data – so you might not have one every pay period to send to us. A contribution file contains contribution amounts and limited employee data for us to allocate contributions. You’ll need to send us a contribution file every pay period.

Where do I get a file from?

It most often comes directly from your payroll with just a few clicks. We’re compatible with most payroll software providers!

If you’re not sure if we’re compatible, please check with your payroll provider.

If you don’t use payroll software, you can use our file template to create your own.  Or think about manually entering your employee data if you’ve less than 30 employees.

How do you use file upload?

You or a third party such as a payroll bureau are responsible for uploading files through your Online Services account. Check out our ‘Upload your employee data guide’ with simple step-by-step screenshots to help you along the way.

What do I need to include in my file?

This depends on the file type you’re using. Our requirement guides below outline all the data you’ll need to send us – usually your payroll software will do all this for you though.

Full File data requirements

Maintenance File data requirements

Contributions File data requirements

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