Can I delete the file I just uploaded, I made a mistake?

Once you’ve uploaded a file, you won’t be able to delete this in your Online Services account. This is because files fully process within 10 minutes, allowing you to submit multiple files in a day.

However, if you contact our support team, they can help you with deleting files that you may have uploaded accidentally.

You can get in touch with our team by completing the form on our contact us webpage.

Once the file has been deleted, you’ll be able to upload your correct file.

You may want to delete a file if you have:

  • greatly overpaid contributions
  • greatly underpaid contributions
  • included an employee on the file who has now left the company.

If payment for the contribution is processing or has cleared, we may not be able to delete your file. If you’re looking to delete the file due to incorrect contributions, you can add any missed contributions or subtract overpaid contributions on your next file submission.

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