What is the automated collection payment method?

Automated collection means we’ll automatically collect your pension contributions on or immediately after the date you’ve chosen. You can turn this off at any time by selecting ’deactivate’ (next to ‘automated collection’) on the payment screen. If you do turn it off, don’t forget, you’ll need to make a payment every time you submit employee data.

To use this service, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got an active Direct Debit on your account.

Important to know

If you submit employee data within 6 working days of your collection date, we won’t be able to collect the money until the following month.

To make sure contributions reach us by the 22 of the month, you can only select an automatic collection date between 1-19 of the month.

If you’ve submitted a direct payment, but then also set up an automated collection, we’ll still take the direct payment on the date you’ve selected. The remaining account balance will be cleared on your automated collection date.

For example, if your account balance is £350 and you’ve asked us to take £250 on the 11 March using direct payment, only the remaining balance of £100 will be automatically collected on the date you’ve selected (even if this is before the 11th).

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