Why hasn’t my Direct Debit payment come out for this period, even though this was set up when our company joined The People’s Pension?

If the person who set up the employer online didn’t have the authority to sign the Direct Debit, an original signed mandate is required before it can be activated. Payment can’t be taken until this is received.

You’ll then need to ensure you make a payment once you’ve sent us your employee data each time. We also offer an automated payment service. Using this method we’ll automatically collect your pension contributions on or immediately after the date you’ve chosen. You can turn this on or off at any time by clicking ’deactivate’ beside automated collection on the payment screen. If you don’t choose to activate this, don’t forget you’ll need to make a payment every time you submit employee data.

If you need another Direct Debit mandate, this can be downloaded from the ‘view documents’ section of Online Services.

This should be signed by an authorised person and sent back to us at B&CE – The People’s Pension, Manor Royal, Crawley, RH10 9QP. Alternatively it can be emailed to kyc@bandce.co.uk.

To activate the bank details, we will also need matching evidence of the bank details to be used for the pension payments. Can you please provide us with a copy of one of the following for our banking requirements:

  • void cheque (marked as cancelled)
  • paying-in slip
  • bank statement dated within the last 3 months. (If you want to send us a copy of your online bank statement, please print it as a pdf document from your Online Account).



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