What’s a worker group?

A worker group is a way of grouping your employees with the same contribution level or contribution basis. We then use this information in the member’s joiner information to confirm the contribution rate. So it’s important this is correct.

Worker groups are also used to help support you with your legal obligations. When submitting your pension data, we’ll check your contributions based on the contribution levels set out in your worker groups. It helps you make sure you’re paying the legal minimum contributions or the contribution levels you’ve agreed with your employees. To help your pension data file go through smoothly each time, your worker group settings should match your payroll software settings.

If you register using the Simply Comply route, we’ll automatically set up a worker group based on the minimum contribution levels under auto-enrolment legislation.

You can set up different worker groups with different rates of pension contributions, as long as you meet the minimum contribution levels set out by law. Or you can set up worker groups on different contributions basis (for example, one on Qualifying earnings and one on Set 1: Pensionable earnings (basic).

You can set up as many worker groups as you like.

For example, if you have a group of employees contributing 5% of their qualifying earnings and another group contributing 7% you’ll need 2 worker groups. Each worker group will have its own unique worker group ID which you choose yourself.

What’s a worker group ID?

A unique worker group ID is needed so that each worker group can be easily identified on the data file you send to us. It can contain letters or numbers to differentiate it from other worker groups.

It’s important you enter this into your payroll software exactly as displayed in your Online Services account for us to place employees in the right worker group. Please note, this is case sensitive.

Does every different contribution rate have to be set up as a worker group?

You need to set up a different worker group for each different contribution level. If you don’t, then the member’s joiner information will not show the correct contribution rates.

How to set up or edit a worker group in your Online Services account

If you’d like to view, add or amend a worker group, please log in to your Online Services account. Under your home screen ‘manage employer’ section, select ‘manage worker groups’. Don’t forget to update your payroll (if you’re using one) to match any changes you make.
If you’d like more support with how to do this, our Online Services quick guide has some handy screenshots to help.
Please note, you’re not able to change the worker group identifier or basis of contribution yourself. Please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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