What happens if I leave my employer?

If you leave your current employer or decide to stop contributing, your employer will tell us the date you left pensionable service and your account remains with The People’s Pension. Contributions deducted from your salary will stop along with contributions from your employer. The money already held in your pension pot with us will continue to be invested for you.

Even if you move jobs you can keep paying into The People’s Pension. Your former employer will no longer contribute, but your new employer may. You can carry on contributing even if your new employer doesn’t, or if you become self-employed. Simply follow these steps to make personal payments.

You’re also able to transfer your pension savings to another registered pension scheme (subject to the requirements of The People’s Pension and the receiving scheme being met). We don’t charge for transfers out of The People’s Pension but you should check if the receiving scheme charges for transfers.

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