How can I make personal payments into my pension?

Saving into your pension pot with The People’s Pension can be a great, tax-efficient way to save for your future.

You can make personal payments by following these simple steps:

  • Complete the Personal contributions form.
  • Complete the Direct Debit mandate form.
  • Check our Confirming your identity leaflet for details about what you can send to help us check your identity. You don’t have to send this now, but it’ll speed things up if we can’t check your identity electronically.
  • Return your completed documents – we recommend you post this to us at ‘FREEPOST The People’s Pension’.

We need the personal contributions form and the Direct Debit mandate completed and returned before we’re able to carry out our checks.

If we’re unable to check your identity electronically, we may need to contact you again to ask for more information.

It’ll take us up to 10 working days to arrange your Direct Debit with your bank. We’ll write to you once it’s set up.

For more information about tax relief, and the amount you can save into your pension and receive tax relief on, follow the links below…

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