What evidence do you need to see if I need to change my personal details?


For any minor changes we don’t need evidence. Some examples of minor changes are below:

  • Date of birth: we have 10/06/1950, but should be 06/10/1950
  • National Insurance number: we have AB123456D but should be BA123456D or AB132456D or AB123456E
  • Name: we have Clarke but should be Clark.


For any major changes to name, date of birth or National Insurance number the appropriate evidence must be received before the details are amended:

  • Copy of birth certificate, current driving licence or current passport or a copy of marriage certificate (if change of name is due to marriage) or a copy of the Deed Poll if name is officially changed.
  • For change of date of birth – suitable evidence is: copy of birth certificate, current driving licence or current passport. All passports or driving licenses must be valid and in date.
  • For change of National Insurance number suitable evidence is: copy of a letter from  HM Revenue & Customs showing the correct National Insurance number.

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