I’m not sure about entering my bank details online or in the app – what makes it safe and secure to take my pension money through my account?

We use a range of systems and technologies to ensure a safe and secure transaction when you request to take your money. Giving us your bank details through your account also means you don’t have to send them to us by post, which can carry its own risks.

Your account

Your account is a secure portal which only you should have access to. When you set it up, we ask for information that only you’d know, and you should never share your log-in details with anyone – we will never ask for these details over the phone.

You’ll need to input your bank sort code and account number in order to take your money online. But these details cannot be used to take money from your account without you giving account holder authorisation

Storing your data securely

What’s more, once you give us this information, we take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure your data is adequately protected and processed in line with our privacy notice. All customer data held directly by B&CE (the provider of The People’s Pension) is stored on secure servers in the UK.

Our data security policies and procedures are regularly reviewed internally and independently. We tell you how we handle your data in line with General Data Protection Regulations.

Providing a secure connection

We also regularly review our technological solutions to ensure that up-to-date security measures are in place to protect customer data against hacking.

When you take your money through your online account, the connection is secured using ‘https’, which establishes an encrypted link between your internet browser and our servers. Encrypting your data means that it cannot be read or modified, even if hackers were to somehow manage to gain access to it.

You’ll be able to see that your connection is secured using ‘https’ in different ways depending on which browser you’re using. For example, in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, you should be able to see a little padlock symbol in the URL bar at the top of the screen.

Ensuring a safe and secure transaction

So in summary, giving your bank details through your account is safe and secure on lots of different levels – from the way you set up your account, to the type of information you need to give, the way this information is sent and received, and the way this information is then stored by us. We consider all stages and put in place many processes and technologies to ensure your transaction is secure.

When you’re ready to make your request online, you can get started by visiting our webpage about how to take your pension money.

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