How do I opt out?

You’ll need to have:

  • your customer number (you can find this on your joining letter or email)
  • your date of birth
  • your National Insurance number.

You can either call our opt-out service on 0300 330 1280; or you can opt out online (you won’t need to set up your Online Account to do this).

Auto-enrolment regulations allow you the right to opt out of the scheme during the one month ‘opt-out period’. The deadline will be stated in your joiner information.

If you opt out in this period, you’ll receive a refund of your contributions from your employer.

However, if you leave your employer during the opt-out period, you can’t opt out as you’re no longer a jobholder and so there is no right to opt out. If this happens your account remains with The People’s Pension, but you can decide to stop contributing.

You can stop contributing by opting out after the one month opt-out period though, and the contributions you’ve made so far will remain invested in your pension pot.

And in case your circumstances change over time, you’ll be given the option to restart your workplace pension later – by being re-enrolled roughly every 3 years. Again though, you can ask to leave if you’d rather not be re-enrolled.


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