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If you’ve worked in several jobs, you’ve likely picked up a few pension pots along the way. It’s important to keep track of these pots to ensure you don’t miss out on any money available to you when you reach retirement.

Combining your old pots can unlock your pension potential – helping you build up your savings and keep a closer eye on them. It can also save you money on fees and open up more options for you to take your money in the future.

Why 1,000s of people combine their pensions with us every month

  1. It’s your money for life. It’s easier to manage all your savings in one Online Account. If you change jobs, you don’t have to stop saving with us.
  2. Investments matter. Choose from 1 of our 3 investment profiles or self-select.
  3. We give £1 million+ back to our savers each month. The more you save with us, the more you’ll get from our rebate.
How to combine your pension savings with us

1 – Log in to your Online Account
You can view and manage your pension savings with us in your Online Account.

2 – Complete the online transfer form
Click ‘Transfer in’ once you’re logged in to your Online Account and follow the instructions to start combining your pensions.


Log in to your Online Account
Log in to your Online Account

A pension you can trust

With The People’s Pension, you’ll have one pension pot for life – and even if you leave your employer, you’ll still be able to access your Online Account.

  • Recognised and approved by The Pensions Regulator
  • A profit for people company, we give back to our members with a rebate on your management charge, so you’re rewarded the more you save with us
  • We’re committed to protecting our members from pension scams – learn how to recognise, avoid and report a scam and consider getting guidance and advice.
To combine your pots you'll need these details about your old pensions:
  • Names of providers
  • Policy numbers
  • Approximate values

If you’ve lost your old pension details, don’t worry, our tips on how to track down old or lost pensions can help.

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