Will I get put into a pension scheme automatically?

If you’re aged between 22 and the age you’ll get your State Pension, and earn more than £10,000 a year / £833 a month / £192 a week, you’ll be auto-enrolled by your employer. And both you and your employer will have to contribute to your pension savings.

  • If you’re aged at least 16 and under 75, earn above the lower earnings level for qualifying earnings (currently £6,240 each year or £120 per week), but below the earnings trigger for auto-enrolment (currently £10,000 each year or £192 per week) or                                                                                                                                                              – aged at least 16 and under 22, or between the State Pension age and under 75, and earn above the earnings trigger for auto-enrolment, which is currently £10,000 each year or £192 a week – you won’t be auto-enrolled by your employerHowever, you can choose to opt in and pay contributions, and if so, your employer will also have to contribute.
  • If you’re age 16-74 and you earn less than £6,240 a year / £520 a month / £120 a week, you won’t be auto-enrolled by your employer. You’re still ‘entitled’ to join but you wouldn’t be entitled to any contributions from your employer.

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