What’s the maximum amount I can pay into my pension pot?

You can pay as much as you like into your pot, but there are limits to how much tax relief you can receive. If you’re under 75, you’re eligible to pay in up to 100% of your UK taxable earnings or £3,600 gross (whichever is higher) and receive tax relief on your contributions. The value of the tax relief depends on your individual circumstances.

The annual allowance is the maximum you can pay into all of your pension plans combined before a tax charge applies. For the current tax year, the annual allowance is £60,000.

The maximum contribution could be in the form of regular payments, one-off lump sum or a combination of both. The limit includes the contributions paid into all of your pensions (if you have more than one), includes your personal contributions, tax relief and any contributions that are paid by your employer.

For more information about tax relief, please visit our pension tax webpage.

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