What’s an opt-in notice?

An opt-in notice is how certain employees request to opt into the scheme. The types of employee who can opt in are those that have been assessed as eligible who wish to join the scheme during a postponement period, and those who are non-eligible who wish to be enrolled at any time.

The opt-in notice doesn’t need to be a set format, but in order to be valid, it must be:

  • in writing (this can include being sent by email)
  • signed by the employee submitting it or, if it was sent by email, it must include a statement from the employee confirming they personally submitted the notice.



You must determine whether or not the opt-in request is valid. For example, if an employee has opted out or left the scheme within the last 12 months, you don’t have to accept the request.

If valid, you must enrol the employee at the next available pay reference period.

You will then need to pay the relevant employer contributions and deduct any necessary contributions from the employee.

Entitled workers can ask to join your pension scheme, but you don’t need to pay money into their pension pots unless you’d like to.

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