What does your auto-enrolment solution include?

We offer 2 routes for employers that want to join us, a fast track sign-up route called Simply Comply and a Simply Tailor route for a full choice of options, specific to the employer’s requirements. Simply Comply offers a simplified process, in line with basic regulatory requirements, while Simply Tailor allows an element of choice.

Simply Comply and Simply Tailor are specifically designed so that employers will benefit from a faster and slicker sign-up process. With both routes, there’s a range of payroll options and extended opening hours so employers can talk to someone at a time that’s right for them, online and on the telephone.

Included in both service options is the important step of letting The Pensions Regulator know (through completing the declaration of compliance) that an employer has done what they need to do to comply with their automatic enrolment duties.

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