I’m getting divorced. Can my pension pot be transferred to my ex-spouse?

The amount your ex-spouse receives is known as a ‘pension credit’. If you have a pot with The People’s Pension, depending on what your ex-spouse decides, we can either set up a pension pot with The People’s Pension which will belong to your ex-spouse in his/her own right, or the pension credit can be transferred externally to another provider.

We’ll require:

  • confirmation of your ex-spouse’s full name and names of which they have previously been known
  • copy of the decree absolute
  • their current driving licence, or current passport
  • proof of their current address (such as a gas or electricity bill)
  • your ex-spouse’s National Insurance number.
  • copy of the Court Order with the effective date inserted by the court

If the pension credit is being transferred externally, we also need:

  • the full name of the receiving scheme
  • the name of a contact and their phone number
  • the policy number of the scheme (if you know it).

If you’ve received a share of your ex-spouse’s pension pot in a divorce settlement, and you have an account with The People’s Pension, you can transfer the pension credit to us. Please contact us and we’ll let you know what needs to be done.


We don’t currently charge for administering divorce pension credits although we reserve the right to charge.

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