I’m getting divorced and the Court has awarded my ex-spouse 50% of my pension pot with The People’s Pension. What do I do?


Depending on what your ex-spouse decides, we can either set up a personal account with The People’s Pension which will belong to your ex-spouse in his/her own right; or half of your pot can be transferred externally to another provider.  The amount your ex-spouse receives is known as a ‘pension credit’.

We’ll require:

  • confirmation of your ex-spouse’s full name and names of which he/she has previously been known
  • copy of the decree absolute
  • his/her current driving licence, or current passport
  • proof of his/her current address (such as a gas or electricity bill)
  • your ex-spouse’s National Insurance number.

If the pension credit is being transferred externally, we also need:

  • the full name of the receiving scheme
  • the name of a contact and their phone number
  • the policy number of the scheme (if you know it).

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