If I’m going on long term sick, what will happen with my contributions? Will they continue and does my employer still have to pay?

Contributions can continue to be paid into your pension pot based on the pay you’re actually receiving. If your sick leave is insured and a policy is paying out, then this will be classed as earnings if payments are being made by your employer.

If you receive a late payments letter whilst on long term sick, please contact your employer to confirm whether they should still be making contributions for you (some employers will while you’re on long term sick leave, some employers won’t). If so, please ask them to make arrangements to pay your missed contributions. If not, please ask them to tell us what your contributions should be, so you don’t keep receiving reminder letters. These letters will continue to be sent to you while you’re an active member of the scheme and contributions are missed.

When you return to work your employer can start paying contributions for you again.

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