How should I handle employees that leave the pension scheme?

Employees can leave the pension scheme – also known as ceasing contributions – at any time they choose. You may have had communication from an employee asking to leave, or might have an employee leave your employment.

How do I mark an employee as a leaver in my data file?

If the employee has left your employment: you should enter the date they left in the “Employment Ended” column in your data file. Your payroll may do this automatically for you if you use payroll software to manage your pension.

If the employee has left the pension scheme, but remains employed: you can either remove them from your data file altogether, or make sure you have ‘LS’ in the ‘Starter/Leaver Flag’ column.

I’ve added leave dates to my data file, but I’m still being asked if these employees are leavers. Why?

This could be because the “Employment Ended’ or ‘Starter/Leaver Flag’ column hasn’t been matched during file upload. Read more about how to match these on our website.

Or it could be these employees are active on the account with a different unique ID to that on the file. Check that all unique IDs for employees are the same as what has been previously submitted.

Can I see a list of all employees that have left the pension scheme?

A list of all employees can be found in the ‘Employees’ section of Online Services. Selecting ‘Include recent leavers’ from this list will then include employees who’ve left within the last 12 months. This list can be downloaded.

Our ‘Online Services Quick Guide’ includes screenshots of how to do this.

My starter/leaver column is blank, should I fill something in on here?

No. This column is optional. If this information is provided using the employment start or end date then this isn’t required.

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